This is just the right destination for those who are on the look-out for a job. Creazione Services Pvt Ltd is regarded among the leading Placement Agencies. We are associated with several organizations from different sectors. The company is in a position to place candidates as per their interests and qualifications and not as per the jobs availability, which is the popular trend among ordinary Placement Agents. Whether you are a fresher or an experienced professional, we assure smooth job placement in the minimum time possible. We provide training so that the candidate is selected and placed on a suitable job. Putting the right person at the right job is important as a misplaced employee remains dissatisfied and frustrated and it can be a heavy loss for the organization. We determine the job to which an accepted candidate is to be assigned. Our placement services encourage a mutual benefit between the candidate and the organization by reducing employee turn over, absenteeism, and morale improvement. We combine our passion for people with intelligent technology to help organizations and talent convert potential into performance- moving them forward. Our unique placement methodology helps organizations create wholes that are greater than the sum of their parts.

We provide placement solutions for -

  • a) manpower intensive industries.
  • b) Acute manpower shortage industries.

We assign immediately deputable resource in various skill sets. With a strong pipeline of candidate database we ensure availability of resources for 6 months and above from existing clients. We have an internal IT Team for technical validation and an experienced sourcing team. With our PAN India presence for easy on boarding and other statutory process, we offer competitive rate cards as per skills & experience matrix.


The growth in economy is driving our business to include more and more industry verticals to our service purview. We provide customized Services to clients which comes with guarantee of quality profiles, excellent turn-around time, professional service delivery and definite cost-effectiveness.Finding the right person for the right role is crucial to your organisation’s performance. At Creazione Services Pvt Ltd we offer you an end-to-end recruitment solution that multiplies the power and productivity of your people. Great Recruiters are focused on getting results, but great recruitment relies on right candidate sourcing, candidate evaluation and stakeholder management. The Recruiter Training Programme is a customised solution and will be focused on:

  • Best practices and skills to improve performance
  • Achieve excellence in each step of the recruitment cycle including sourcing, assessment, offer management and soft skills.
  • Learn how to use new techniques, tools and methods to reinvent your own style of great recruitment

We stand at our commitment to provide the most qualified, flexible and skilled talent in the industry to enhance and develop our client's workforce productivity as and when an exigency arises with the client. The service is typically for Junior level and at times for mid-level requirements.

Placing right professionals in right positions is the key to achieving remarkable and outstanding business and career development results. We have gained the respect of job seekers and employers alike by matching the right people with the right employers. And that means great results for all concerned.

Are you in the search of candidates for different job vacancies at your company? If your answer is yes, then this is the perfect destination for you. We offer 100% professional assistance for Manpower Recruitment across diverse verticals. Large pool of talent and strong networking associates enable us to consistently identify and direct the right person for every job role. From candidate line-up, interview, selection/ rejection intimation, etc., to salary negotiation, we offer overall complete assistance in all.

The company renders effective Mass Hiring Services. We maintain a huge database of candidate profiles with different skills, qualifications, and experience. The candidates, registered with us, are eligible for various job roles in different sectors. Our proficient HR Professionals carefully evaluates each and every profile, before recommendation, for ensuring that he or she is suitable for the specific job. Whether you are planning to expand your business setup or intending to establish a new enterprise, you can rely on our Mass Hiring Services.


Creazione Services Pvt Ltd has been serving clients and candidates for Recruitment and Staffing solutions across industries. As the demand for technical & professional employees continues to grow in numerous industries, we continue to answer the call. We have grown immeasurably and also have added specializations to cater to the evolving and growing staffing industry in India by strengthening our professional & technical recruitment division. We design customized Staffing Solutions for diverse verticals. The company with its team of well-qualified, skilled, and experienced HR Professionals, carefully analyze the current HR Strategies, the work culture, and the unique requirements of the client company so as to increase the productivity of every department in order to hike the overall productivity of the company. Through this the current as well as future manpower needs are smoothly taken care of.


• Hiring Senior-Level Executives
• Remuneration above Rs 20 lacs per annum
• We hire not just any qualified person but most qualified and appropriate person


• Design creative, effective and informative advertisements
• End-to-end service along with comprehensive feedback
• Analysis and MIS reports- the service specially designed for start ups, new project manning, plant expansion
• Bulk recruitment through advertisement / data bank within the project time frame
• Quick processing response


• Single Window Contact
• Implementing minimum wages
• Manpower availability
• Help Clients to focus on core areas
• Reduction of internal hiring cost
• Client homepage
• Issuing appointment letters
• Orientation Program
• No permanency claim
• Online access to Associate details
• Faster online billing
• Labour Law Management
• Maintenance of 16 statutory issues like PF, ESI, PT, IT and TDS

• Induction Program
• Company Manual, Policy, Guidelines
• Appointment letters
• Zero Balance Salary Accounts
• Single Window Contact for all
• Local ESI sub-codes and ESI cards ensuring complete full benefits
• Personal records for individual associates
• Insurance coverage - Mediclaim / Personal Accident
• Associate homepage
• Time saving PF Management
• Online Salary Slip
• Sense of belonging as an employee



Creazione Services Pvt Ltd offer intensive training, coaching, customized support andorganisation development programs for high level impact in the mindset and performance of the people. We promote Power to People (or PTP) interventions, to face organisational challenges, which increase the sense of ownership and empowerment, and facilitate the development and improvement of individuals along with organisations. We aid the creation of initiatives, plans, process and actions to achieve common organisational aims. It also helps breaking down barriers, improving communications inside and outside of departments and encourage buy-in and involvement more than conventional training courses as it is necessarily participative, and the content and output are created by the participants. We work as facilitator(s) or workshop presenter, making the relationship with participants as participative, whereas a 'trainer' is often perceived as detached, and the training material 'not invented here'

PTP offers two advantages – one explicit and another tacit. The explicit learning includes problem solving methods. The tacit learning benefits are

Improved communication, Improved collaboration for common objectives , Improved trust between team members and teams , Appreciation of needs of individuals and teams , Improved relationships , Better sense of the big picture- increased productivity, effective organization , Improved decision making skills , Improved motivation and commitment,

PTP with a series of interventions with the client organisation achieves its objectives. We develop a customized development program to suit the training or developmental needs of our client organizations.We help Implementation of solution(s) that are developed and agreed in PTP through the implementing teams.Developmental workshops for improving the effectiveness of Managers and Executives are also held.We also deliver customized workshops that stretch for days, weeks or even months to assist full cycle development of the participants where they learn to apply their learning. The Training generally include Leadership Training, Mentoring and Attitude Change, Managing Change and Diversity, Stress & Time Management, soft skills etc.that will help your company cope with the demands of today's competitive environment. Our Trainers bring the latest business techniques and principles into the classroom and On the Field in an engaging, interactive setting that will motivate your employees to learn and advance on the job. Every employee is awarded a certificate upon completion of our Need Based Training courses.